"IMWeb works!"

Another idea of IMWe is that you use your new contacts for you and your scout group. Because this is a kind of "Web" spread all over Europe, they call it "IMWeb".
On this page I want to proof, that this IMWeb really does work!!!

So, if you have stories or pictures or both as an evidence that you were in contact (closer than e-mail *g*) with other IMWe-participants, or you want to announce an event to invite other scouts to join, just mail me and I will publish it here...

By the way: click on the pictures to enlarge them. Maybe there is even another gallery with more photos of this meeting.


Here you find events that will take place in the future and that you can join.

Link to webpage Ingelsrud Summer Experience
Summer camp in Norway / Summer 2008
IMWe-contact: Ole
Download file Invitiation to Ingelsrud Summer Experience
Download file Flyer about Ingelsrud campsite
Download file Poster about Ingelsrud campsite
Download file Flyer about Ingelsrud Summer Experience
Download file Flyer about "Roverringen", a special event for Rovers and Rangers during Ingelsrud Summer Experience
IMWe-Contact: Ingeborg
Link to webpage International Woodbadge Training
Scout Leader Training in Germany / Summer 2008
IMWe-contact: Lars
Download file Downloads not available yet


There are some IMWe-inspired events that wouldn't have taken place if there was no IMWe...
Woodbadge Training 2008 The International Woodbadge Training 2008
The forthcoming scout leaders training...stay tuned!
WhisperVille WhisperVille - the mysterious town
International Jamboree 2007 with 180 scouts from 8 countries
AMWE AMWE - African Music Weekend 2006
(Coming soon!) A weekend full of african choir music, just for fun - including recordings!
Woodbadge Training 2005 The International Woodbadge Training 2005
Scout leaders training with cool project

Close Encounters

A visit to Zagreb
May 2007
Maja and 3 boy scouts (12-15 years old) from Slovenia visited Zagreb (Croatia) on the 12th of May. During the day they met up with Anita, Toni, Brajda and Luka (Croatia). We went sightseeing around the center of Zagreb and we visited the ZOO. We were very happy to get together. Since we live close to each other, we'll try to meet again soon, maybe in Slovenia this time...
WhisperVille Preparation Weekend
September 2006
To keep the idea alive, some IMWe-people met to start planning "WhisperVille" (the project formerly known as "IMWoJ"), to share 4 days of work and fun. Here we go with Christian (GER), Inga (ICE), Kathrin (GER), Lars (GER), Lenka (SLO), Liene (LAT) and Pie (GER)
Oslo Party
September 2006
The famous triple-birthday-party of Bergdis (ICE), Jostein (NOR) and Ole (NOR) in Sarpsborg near Oslo! Seems that really a lot of IMWe-people from all over Europe got there to celebrate together - so you better check the pics to see who you recognize... ;o)
The picture-link takes you to a gallery of Florian (AUT)
Here's another link to a gallery of Valentin (AUT)
Vienna Flatwarming Party
August 2006
Many IMWenians from Iceland, Norway, Hungary, Germany and Slovenia took a trip to Vienna to have a cool flat party in Vienna. Check this out - there might be many faces you already know...
The picture-link takes you to a gallery of Valentin (AUT)
African Music Weekend
April 2006
One week after IMWe 2006 the IMWe-inspired "African Music Weekend" took place in the Wood School (known from WBT *g*). Six cool african songs and one gumboot-dance were performed and recorded by Bene (GER), Jetteke (GER), Kathrin (GER), Lars (GER), Maggy (GER), Marcus (GER), Nejc (SLO), Pie (GER), Sven (GER), Tim (GER) aaaaaand - Sinje (GER) plus some more friends!
Watch out for the "Page-in-Page" with pix, movies and music from the "AMWE"...
April 2006
Right before IMWe 2006 many people of the International Woodbadge Training - Agata (POL), Anita (LAT), Christian (GER), Jetteke (GER), Kathrin (GER), Lars (GER) - met at the camping site of castle Rieneck to share memories, fire-grilled sausages and wine...
Pix available later
March 2006
Kathrin, Lars and Tim (all from GER) visited Brajda (CRO) in Zagreb and got to know the whole group of Croatians who comes to IMWe 2006.
Sorry, no pix
March 2006
Lenka (SLO) visited Brajda (CRO) in Zagreb again.
March 2006
Inga and Bergdís (both Iceland) went to a conference in Norway and needed a place to stay for one night in Oslo. Of course their loyal friends, Ole and Jostein (both Norway), arranged a place for them (which happened to be Sigmund`s and Elín Edda`s appartment) and they + Camilla, Jostein`s girlfriend, spent the night singing songs and playing Carcasonne (with ALL the additions!).
Unfortunately they didn`t take any pictures, so this one will have to do. (drawn by Inga)
Dezember 2005
You want to see Castle Rieneck in the snow?
Bene, Christian, Joachim, Kathrin, Lars, Maggy, Maik & Marcus (all GER) met on Castle Rieneck to celebrate new year's eve (and some more days...)
September 2005
After the WBT Agata and Ola (both from Poland) stayed in Solingen and surrounding, going around with Marcus and Lars (both Germany).
September 2005
The "International Woodbadge Training" inspired by IMWe and initiated by Lars (GER) took place in Solingen/Germany with Agata (PL), Anita (LV), Christian (GER), Jetteke (GER), Ola (PL) and many scouts from all around the world plus "the cook" Kathrin (GER), and some of them already applied for IMWe 2006 I heard... ;o)
See the whole collection: WBT Fotopage
or visit the WBT-Page
September 2005
The IMWe Reunion meeting with many people from the actual team and more. People I recognized to be there: Christoph (GER), Christopher (GER), Enikö (HUN), Jon (ICE), Jostein (NOR), Judith (NL), Lenka (SLO), Mads (NOR), Michael (AUS), Ole (NOR), Oliver (AUS), Peter (GER), Pie (GER), Sven (GER), Wendy (GB) AND the Muffinman!
August 2005
Lars (Germany) visited Latvia together with his girlfriend Kathrin (already applied for IMWe 2006 *g*) and met with the "Honeybees" Agnija, Anita, Elvis, Laura, Liene, Ruta and Santa.
See the whole collection: Lars' Fotopage
August 2005
Many IMWe-people from many countries met at EuroJam: Wendy (GB), Chris, Christian (GER), Inga, Gísli, Bergdís (ICE), Mads, Ole (NOR), Valentin, Florian, Tobias, Schabi, Stefan (AUT), Michele (IT), Lenka, Tea, Ana (SLO), Agnija (LV) and Enikö (HUN) had a great time in Great Britain!
July 2005
Tim & Lars (Germany) visited Iceland for a two-and-a-half-week-holiday to meet the phantastic nature and the not less phantastic Icelandic scouts Bergdis, Eynar, Fridrik, Gisli, Gunnur, Inga, Jon and Vigga and also got to know the rest of the bunch.
See the whole collection: Lars' Fotopage
July 2005
Agnija & Laura (Latvia) visited Norway to to care for the kitchen of the National Jamboree and met Jostein, Mads, Sigmund and the other crazy Norwegian fellows.
May 2005
Jetteke, Maggy, Jan, Marcus, Tim & Lars (all Germany) visited an American Football game together in Frankfurt.
Sorry for the bad quality - we only had this smartphone with us...
April 2005
Jetteke, Marcus & Lars (Germany) came together in Solingen to celebrate birthday with Tim (Germany).
April 2005
Mojca & Lenka (Slowenia) visited Katy & Filip (Croatia) in their hometown Zagreb.
December 2004
Katy (Croatia) visited Lars (Germany) in his hometown Solingen.
Sorry, no picture,
only an entry
in the guestbook.
September 2004
Eve (Germany) and Katy (Croatia) met at Kat's home.
Sorry, no picture,
only an entry
in the guestbook.
August 2004
Nils (Germany) visited Inga & Gunnur (Iceland) on their big is(ce)land.
Sorry, no picture,
only an entry
in the guestbook.
August 2004
Gisli (Iceland) visited Ola (Poland) at her home country.
18. - 20.06.2004
"Laga Insomnia" - a camp for 300 young scouts (11 - 14 years old) - took place in Germany near Cologne. As it was a medieval camp, Lars asked some IMWe-nians to help with the guilds and more.
So Pie, Jutta and Stephan (from all over Germany) lived another weekend in the middle age and showed what they learned at IMWe 2004... ;o)
More (Photos) about "Laga Insomnia" on www.laga-insomnia.de.vu
Lars visited Laura while she was on a students exchange (or something like that) at Enschede in the Netherlands.
18. - 20.04.2004
Anna & Elvis from Latvia visited Lars in Solingen/Germany on their hitchhiking-journey through Europe and stayed for 2 nights.
Maggy, Benedikt & Lars (Germany) met at an American Football game at Frankfurt.
(By the way: Tim (Germany, in front showing the "V") didn't know IMWe before but already applied for 2005 after that day *g*)